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  1. June Sorenson

    Hi Barb! My husband, David Ray Sorenson is the son of Frieda Lang, daughter of Otto and Susanna Lang of Laona, WI and I discovered your website and have found Barb’s genealogy for Otto Lange family is incomplete.
    if you look up the website for Otto Lange family in Laona, Wi (google Otto Lange – Laona, WI) you will see that the listing for the children of Otto and Sussanna Lange is incomplete. My husband, David Sorenson .(to whom I have been married for 55 years) is not listed. Frieda was the oldest of the Otto Lange sisters and brothers. She married Ray Albert Sorenson and they had two children, David Ray Sorenson and Alice Marie Sorenson. David married me, June Sorenson in Minneapolis in 1960 at Central Lutheran Church and we have three children, Sharon Kay Sorenson Groom, born May 8, 1962, Sandra Rae Sorenson Fletcher, born September 26, 1964 and Steven Ray Sorenson, born September 2, 1966.

    Alice married Dr. Gary Gilbertson and they have two children Kirsten and Erik. For more complete information about her family I can get her in contact with you.

    I read about your recent trip to Minneapolis – and I was raised in Minneapolis and that is where I met my husband, David Sorenson. I knew Grandma and Grandpa Lange very well, and their son, Herman (Uncle Herman to my husband and I) was the best man at our wedding at Central Lutheran church in Minneapolis

    I hope we can hear from you and help you complete your genealogy.

    If you wish to be in contact with me, my E-mail is and I am a retired teacher and now have time help Barb make her genealogy more complete.


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