We will spend the first several months of 2020 headquartered in Rincon Country RV Resort in Tucson, AZ.

[updated 1/13/20]

7 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Jerry

    I really like your new look. My wife and I read your blog religiously and look forward to all new entries. What you are doing seems so much more fun than sitting at a marina with other KK’s in Stuart or Marathon. Anyway, everyone to their own. Have a great time during the holidays!

  2. Becky & Tom "Honga"

    Hi guys, I am sailing down to St Thomas in Jan. I will be on a Bristol 57, Becky will join me on the 30th and we will head down to St Lucia. Look for us, the boats name is Corsair. safe travels Tom

  3. Yhannis Arepas

    Hello my friends….
    Just by chance i found your blog…..
    Is amazing
    Looking foward to see you both at the arepas in bonaire.
    Warm regards

  4. Yhannis Arepas

    Great to hear from you guys.
    Since June i operate every day which is great.
    But now only at cocobeach. No more at zazu.
    Looking foward to meet you


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