Visit to Nellie & Girls — Cary, NC; Sept 19-22, 2014

I flew from San Francisco to Raleigh, NC on Thursday, Sept. 19, and Barb flew in from Las Vegas the next day.  Nellie’s youngest daughter Jessie came home from school at Appalachian State University and her oldest daughter Katie, a resident of Cary, found time to visit with us as well.  And we finally got a chance to meet Nellie’s boyfriend Mike, who flew in from Atlanta to visit for the weekend.  We mostly hung around the house in order to maximize our brief weekend together, but there were trips to do a bit of shopping for home repair items and plants for the back porch and of course some last-minute grocery expeditions.  On Saturday night we all enjoyed decadent amounts of steak grilled on the back porch.

We had nice visits with the girls and were really impressed with Mike, who had to fly back on Sunday.  After he left, Nellie, Barb and I went for a walk in a large wooded municipal park.

All too soon, it was time to head further south.  Our “new” car was left in Las Vegas, so we rented a vehicle to drive one-way to Savannah.   But Savannah is another story for another post.

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