Bonaire — February 7-March 7, 2015

It has been a busy month in Bonaire.  Bill & Colleen (Dolce Vita) arrived at the beginning of this narrative, accompanied by their passage-buddy Jim, who stayed for two weeks.  On Feb. 15 Bonaire had her carnival, and we all went to watch the parade, including Seale & Hank (Flash), who had arrived by then, and Cinda and Ron (landlubbers), temporary guests on Celilo.  Cinda brought to Bonaire her ukulele, and a spare one for Roberta, who did a ditty for us one night at a TT2 sundowner. On Feb. 17 we showed the new arrivals the southern end of Bonaire.

Colleen joined the Bonaire Fitness Club and accompanies us there each morning in our desperate attempt to get fit, stay young (and become even more beautiful).  Bill found a diving partner in Mike (More Mischief), whose wife, like Colleen, does not dive.  We often attach to a dive mooring with three dinghies.  We all have also continued to socialize with Ron and Nancy (who, as I mentioned previously, live for some months each year on land in Bonaire.)   On one occasion some of us snorkeled with them while the rest dove; the snorkelers got the better experience since they saw four (!!) spotted Eagle Rays, creatures that reportedly stay well away from divers and their noisy air bubbles.

And I have continued to take underwater pictures, a few of which I include in this posting.  Life is good.  Bonaire is great.

3 thoughts on “Bonaire — February 7-March 7, 2015

  1. Dolce Vita

    Awesome pictures Chuck. We are so glad to be sharing the Bonaire experience with you. The blog really captures the fun of this place.

  2. D. Nagy

    Nice reef, nice island, nice beaches, nice time with friends…checked out the island on GE…quite the unique corner of the islands.


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