One last orgasmic explosion of underwater pics — Bonaire, June 29, 2015

OK.  So we have been in Curaçao since June 14.  But these Bonaire photos have been burning a hole in my hard drive, and I just must publish them!  (We’ll post a separate note about our experiences in Curacao soon.  No fish pictures then — I promise.)

3 thoughts on “One last orgasmic explosion of underwater pics — Bonaire, June 29, 2015


    Chuck, These pictures are absolutely gorgeous, the color, clarity and composition. You could take those and publish a fish identification book (it would definitely beat the heck out of the colored drawings I get in the one I’m using). It becomes _more_ obvious why you spent so much time there diving. Thanks for publishing them! Have a great summer.

    Linda & Ed
    s/v Dreamtime

  2. Jane baum

    Unbelievable pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Can’t wait till we finally make it down to Bonaire. What camera were you using and did you need to use a flash?

    S/V Cheetha II

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Jane. I am using a Nikon D200 DSLR in an Ikelite housing, illuminated with dual Ikelite substrobes. My favorite lens is a Nikkor 105 mm macro lens, but I also use a Nikkor 55 mm macro lens and a moderate 18-50 mm Nikon zoom.


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