The Fun Continues — Bonaire, March 16-April 3, 2016

The fun just keeps happening for Tusen Takk II on Bonaire. It has been a special time this season. We have very much enjoyed the diving, of course. But beyond that, we have been more than busy socializing with good friends Bill & Colleen (Dolce Vita), Mike & Roberta (Celilo), for a time Jack & Jo (Bodacious), until they left, and new young friends Simon & Hadley (Ouma).  On a typical morning TT2, Dolce Vita & Celilo gather at the Bonaire Health and Fitness Club for about 90 minutes of aerobics and strength training, followed by a good long walk that takes us past either a hardware store (with free coffee) to the north or to an excellent grocery store to the south (with a surprisingly generous “breakfast” of coffee, juice, ham-and-cheese sandwich and a croissant).   Often a dive late morning or early afternoon. And then “hamburger night” on Wednesdays, “arepa night” on Fridays, and occasional dinners at one of the fine restaurants. Mexican Train fairly often on one or another of our vessels. And then there are the special events to attend, such as a kite contest or a “Voice” contest at a local nightclub, or rendering assistance to an intern doing night-time research along the shore on box jellyfish.