Between Guests — Bonaire, April 18 – May 8, 2016

On April 23 we joined a Park-sponsored hike to the top of Brandaris Peak, the highest point in Bonaire (241 meters). We gathered at 4 pm at the Park headquarters, drove through the Park to the trailhead at 4:30, and were back to the vehicles in the dark before 8 pm. There were about 20 hikers, including Roberta & Mike, (Celilo) and Barbara & I.  (Bill & Colleen (Dolce Vita) had already gone on to Curacao.) The low part of the hike is an easy walk on a path; the high part is a use-your-hands-too scramble.  Beautiful view from the top — even on a cloudy /dusty day.  But it was a little dodgy getting down in the dark.

On April 25, Roberta and Michael, following in Bill & Colleen’s  wake, headed to Curacao too. Leaving us the last ones standing.

2 thoughts on “Between Guests — Bonaire, April 18 – May 8, 2016

  1. Curtiss Durand

    Thanks for the great photos. I have oh such pleasant memories of our times there with you. Snorkeling on the last day. Then to the airport and off I went back to NY. Someone later contrasted NY with California: California is a beautiful woman saying, ‘fuck me’. New York is a large angry man saying, ‘fuck you’. NY was chilly. The next day I took the ferry across the sound and drove through Connecticut during the last snowstorm of the year [which produced Boston’s record-breaking year of 106 inches] to Boston, spending a week of clinical practice and teaching BU med students. As a North Dakota veteran who had just been snorkeling in the sea, I was thrilled to have had this snorkeling experience in warm waters with you, Barbara and Chuck, and to transition to such a wonderful snowstorm. The residents with whom I worked were not so happy as I.


    btw, Yesterday, I just completed the annual Bay to Breakers 12 k festive foot race and party in San Francisco, with my kids and my lawyer turned buddy. Its been running every year since about 1912. I made great time. Charlie and Simone did a lot better. You can look us up at Bay to Breakers.


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