Nellie & Michael’s Wedding — Atlanta, GA; September 22-25, 2016

Barb and I arrived Thursday afternoon in Atlanta for the wedding of Michael Sullivan and our daughter Nellie on Saturday. We stayed in the Highland Inn, a simple traditional guesthouse dating from 1927 on a residential street in the trendy Poncey-Highland area. The Inn is not far from their home, and not far from the Jimmy Carter Center, where the wedding and reception would take place. Michael also had relatives arriving early, and we all met at a nearby restaurant for dinner. My son Wil arrived later that night, and the next day my sister Zona also arrived. Other relatives arriving were Sooz Myrdal (sister of my first wife Sigrid) and two of Sooz’s children: Stephen & Megan. Sigrid suffered a fall a few days before the wedding and so was unable to make the trip from Portland, OR. Other relatives in attendance were Jessie & Katie, daughters of Nellie.

By late Friday afternoon, many additional relatives of Michael had arrived. And so, after their wedding rehearsal, Michael and Nellie threw a party at their home. Trays of food of every description inside, and as if that were not enough, catered “southern” food under a tent in the front yard.

Since the wedding was scheduled for 5 PM on Saturday, we (Barb, Zona, and I) had time to see some of Atlanta before the ceremony. Nellie had a number of suggestions, and we made a happy selection: a Segway tour through some of Eastside Atlanta. We were total virgins at the start, but were pleased – no, we were tickled – by how easy they were to control. The tour was fun, but the mode of transportation was an absolute blast.

Michael’s sons Michael & Connor were the ring bearers for the ceremony.  Nellie’s daughters Katie and Jessie gave the bride away.  We sat in the front row during the wedding, and I felt self-conscious about photographing during the ceremony.  So I left the camera in my lap, and snapped off only a few shots without sighting through the viewfinder.  But after the ceremony at the reception, I shot at will, other than staying out of the way of the professional photographer.

After the official reception at the Carter Center, most guest returned to Michael & Nellie’s home for wedding cake.

On our last day (Sunday) we three stopped at the Olympic Park before returning to the airport.  We sought and found the bricks in the Park that Barb had purchased to support the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  One for us, one for daughter Danielle, and one for Jeffery.



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  1. Rasmus

    Hei! It is always interesting to follow your busy and adventures life! We guess you are happy not to be in the Caribian or the state of Florida these days! We follow Matthew on its way allong the coast northboand. Would your previous home have been in Matthews route? We are experiencing a very warm and sunny late autumn with temp up to 20 dgr. Celsius. As you probably know, Tove and Lars H are in Jete! Tove is much better and very much her self! Right now we are Enjoying a visit from Bodø, Nina our daughter and grandchild Emma! We wish you a good time on the roads! Rasmus and Kari

    1. admin Post author

      We don’t know the particulars yet, but we do know that everyone was evacuated from the area of our former home. We have our fingers crossed that our former neighbors are OK.

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