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Camping in Fairgrounds — Bannock County, Pocatello, Idaho; August 19, 2015

August 19 we  camped in county fairgrounds in Pocatello, Idaho. Barb had used an app to discover the campground. Cheap, and in very good condition, with water and electricity at each site. A commodious WC with clean showers. Single pumpout. Marvelous facility. But what made the site special were the evening activities. Almost every night there is something going on. Wednesdays, as we soon discovered, is set aside for barrel racing and team roping. An adjacent large parking lot began filling up with a gazillion trucks and horse trailers. By the time we walked over, the team roping was underway in a covered arena and the barrel racing in an outdoor arena. This was a family affair, with moms and dads on horses and kids too. Other families lined the fences as spectators.Perhaps a few words of explanation would be advisable for the benefit of the city slickers among our readers.When a large calf (upon whose head a set of horns have been affixed) is released on one end of the arena, it makes a mad dash toward the gate on the other end. Two mounted riders pursue the calf. One attempts to rope the horns or neck, and the other attempts to rope the rear legs. When this is successful, the calf is immobilized on the two taut ropes stretched between the two riders. Success is rare but timed, with the winner being the team with the least time.In barrel racing, the rider enters the arena at a full gallop and must circle each of three barrels arranged as the apexes of an equilateral triangle, and then dash back out of the arena. Circuits accomplished without knocking over a barrel are timed and the shortest time wins.The contests were undertaken with friendly efficiency, in an atmosphere that reminded me of the evening softball games held in communities all over America. Each contest had a cordial announcer voicing the times over a PA system. What fun!