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Mom & Sis Left, but We Stayed — Puerto Rico, Feb. 5-10, 2014

When we returned to our boat at Palmas del Mar after dropping off Mom and Sis at the airport, and after doing some shopping in San Juan, the wind was still blowing stink.  Worse, it was predicted to stay that way for the rest of the week.   We had no interest in bashing straight into 6-feet waves with a very short period, so we resigned ourselves to spending some more time in Puerto Rico.

Actually, we had a very nice time.  We did a fair amount of socializing with our dock neighbors, Gerry and Douglas, owners of Orion, a lovely Nordhavn.   We joined them for dinners and lunches at a nearby restaurant and tapas bar (where we all became enamored of the paella, and some of us fell in love with the mojitos).   We got together for sundowners overlooking the crashing waves just on the other side of the breakwater that protects the marina.  There, mojitos be damned, I gave Gerry lessons on the finer points of making rum punches.  And near the end of our time in Puerto Rico we shared a car rental and drove up to the Guavate area for some more lechon, once again patronizing Lechonera los Pinos.  Just as much fun as before!

I also took the opportunity to put down a number of additional coats of varnish on the cap rails.

On Monday, Feb. 10, wonder of wonders, the winds and waves abated just as predicted and we made our way back to Culebra.   But the account of our experiences in Culebra, still going on, must await the next chapter of this tome.