Bryce Canyon, Utah — August 8 – 11, 2015

On August 8 we checked into the campground at Bryce Canyon National Park, where we were met by campground volunteers Janice and Steve (former cruising friends aboard Sailacious, now land cruising on their spacious Monaco camper) who directed us to our site.  The scenery at Bryce is spectacular.  Fiery thin red and orange “fins”, capped with hard concrete-like dolomite that retards their erosion,  some punctuated with windows and arches,  and pillars called hoodoos.  We took some free park tours and did some hiking on the rim trails and on the trails that descend down through the fins.  Have I said the sights are spectacular?

We enjoyed spending time with Janice and Steve.  We shared many meals, including some delightful desserts, and played a variety of games in the evenings.  They also gave us a number of valuable hints and bits of advice about the camping life and the care and nurturing of our mobile home.

When after four days we announced our intention to head to Capital Reef Nat’l Park, Janice and Steve decided to take some time off and join us there.  But to learn more about that experience, faithful readers must  tune in to the next exciting episode of Barb and Chuck Go Camping.

2 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon, Utah — August 8 – 11, 2015

  1. Curtiss Joel

    thanks for this one. It brought back all sorts of fond memories of my own experiences in the area. If you ever go along highway 12 from there towards capital reef, I suggest you speak with people about your RV. There is one short section that is quite narrow. Exciting to drive across. Perhaps even scary. But not dangerous.


  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for your comments, CJ. In fact, we took hwy 12 up to Capital Reef. Fantastic road with breathtaking scenery. But not too scary. Barb only screamed a few times. 🙂


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