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Granddaughter Kristen Visits — Bonaire, May 8 – 15, 2016

Granddaughter Kristen — daughter of Danielle — flew in to visit us from Georgia.  She was on a brief break between Spring and Summer sessions at Georgia Southern University, and was determined to get some quality down time, which primarily meant relaxing and reading to her, and meant “activity, activity, activity” to Barb.  They are both strong-willed women, and so it was interesting to watch the process of reaching an accommodation during the week.  We began with our traditional tour of the southern end of the island, supplemented with a preliminary stop to a vista northeast of Kralendijk:  Seru Grandi.  Then we followed our familiar counter-clockwise route through the south part of the island:  past the salt works and the kite surfing and white and red slave huts, and around to the east end where we expected to enjoy lunch at the marvelous Lac Baai restaurant.  Alas, they were closed, so we made do with a much less appealing snack at Jibe City, where there were surprisingly few wind surfers.  And then around the bend to the north side of the mangroves, where we have lately had great luck in getting guests close to flamingos.  Alas, not this time.

On another day, the girls disappeared for hours in town, including an extended visit to a beauty shop for a facial.

Barb did little diving while Kristen was here, opting instead to snorkel with her.  On one such venture, I dove beneath them and got pictures of one of Barb’s activities: cleaning the bottom of the dinghy.  Barb also got some nice pictures with her GoPro of Kristen snorkeling.  And of course we attended the Wednesday hamburger night at Zazu’s and Yhanni’s Friday arepa night.  We watched some movies and played dominoes enough times that each of us won at least once.  We enjoyed having Kristen with us, and hope she feels sufficiently recharged and ready for more studies.

Bonaire: Audrey Visits — April 4 – April 17, 2016

Barb’s sister Audrey came to visit for two weeks in early April.  Rather than withdraw with her from our social circle, we simply included her in our activities.  We think that worked well since she enjoyed our friends and they enjoyed her.  She dove with us some, and she joined us at the Health Club for our morning exercise.  She was with us on our long post-exercise walks and especially for the hike up to the top of Seru Grandi.  We had burgers on Wednesday nights and arepas on Friday nights and had lion fish pizza at Pasa Bon.  We had ribs at Bobbejaan’s and splurged one night at the Mona Lisa restaurant.  And she was there for the dinghy float we organized for one afternoon/evening.  Some fourteen dinghies gathered behind Tusen Takk II.  Everyone had their own drinks, and nibblies to pass around and share.  After we had all gathered and gotten acquainted for a bit, we let loose from TT2 and the  assemblage drifted off toward Klein Bonaire.  There was a fairly good breeze, but the distance is considerable.  By the time we approached the shore of Klein, it was getting dark and time to break up.  Great fun and good company.  Which is also a fitting description of Audrey’s visit.